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Arafune Cold Storage

Arafune Cold Storage

The facility, called Fu-ketsu, composed with three sections was built in 1905-1914. It was a cold storage facility for silkworm eggs using cold air blowing from underground through gaps between rocks. By using such Fu-ketsu, multiple rearing cycles of silkworm was enabled, that was usually carried out once a year until then. Arafune Cold Storage with largest storage capacity, had business with clients in 40 prefectures and even those in the Korean Peninsula.


Visitor Information

  • Address : Ko10690-1, Minaminomaki, Shimonita Town
  • Hours: Closed to visitors in winter (December to March). Entrance into the cold storage facilities is prohibited.
  • Directions: Approx. 30min. by taxi from Shimonita Station, Joshin Dentetsu Line. Approx. 50min. by car from Shimonita I.C., Joshinetsu Expressway. / There are traffic restrictions in the area. Please visit by way of Kozu Dairy Farm.
  • Charges : Adult 500yen

Contact : Shimonitamati-Rekishikan
Tel : +81-(0)274-82-5345