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Tajima Yahei Sericulture Farm

Tajima Yahei Sericulture Farm

This farmhouse used for sericulture was built in 1863 by Yahei Tajima who perfected the modern sericultural technique called Seiryo-iku featuring ventilation. This house has very innovative structure for sericulture, a 2-story house with a tiled roof and raised roof section for ventilation. He publicized it in his important sericulture treatise, ?gYosan-shinron,?h or new theory of sericulture, and the house became a prototype for modern sericulture farmhouses.


Visitor Information

  • Address : Sakai-Shimamura, City of Isesaki
  • By train : 22min. by Taxi from Isesaki Stn. or 20min. by Taxi from Honjo Stn.
  • By car : 20 min. from Honjo-Kodama IC on Kanetsu-express way
  • Visit : Private Property, exterior view only

Contact : Cultural property Protection Division,
The board of education, City of Isesaki
Tel : +81-(0)270-75-6672