Navigating Gunma’s silk heritage sites「KINU-MEGURI」

Silk Heritage of Gunma
Kinumeguri : Navigating Gunma’s silk heritage sites

This app is designed to help you have fun while visiting Gunma’s silk heritage sites, some of which include World Heritage sites and Japan Heritage sites.

In addition, information on sightseeing attractions, dining establishments, and other such sites found in Gunma Prefecture can also be accessed through this app !
Participate in an excursion challenge for a chance to win amazing prizes !
Download the app and read the announcements !

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Recommended Model:
portable terminal iPhone5 or more(iOS 8/9/10),Android4.2 or more

What is Kinumeguri, Gunma Prefecture’s official app ?

Gunma Prefecture is home to a plethora of valuable silk heritage relating to sericulture, silk reeling, silk textiles and more. This includes the Tomioka Silk Mill and Related Sites, a grouped World Heritage site, and Kakaa Denka – The Silk Story of Gunma, a story recognized as Japan Heritage. These sites have been registered as part of the Silk Heritage of Gunma. This app has been designed to allow users to enjoy themselves while visiting such valuable silk heritage sites as well as savor the rich natural wonders, hot springs, other sightseeing spots, and delicious local cuisine that are yours to discover in Gunma Prefecture.
We invite you to explore the many fascinating sites of Gunma Prefecture.

About Gunma’s silk heritage.
See the leaflet for more information.

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How to use Kinumeguri

  • Reading section

    An outline of Gunma’s World Heritage sites and sites related to Japan Heritage, as well as an outline of the Silk Heritage of Gunma is provided in this section.
  • Search

    You can search for spots using the preference search tool or other options.
  • My Route

    Register the locations you want to visit to My Route and generate your very own excursion route.
  • Notifications and announcements

    New notifications and announcements about events, excursion challenges, and more are displayed in this section. Tap to see details.
  • Excursion challenge

    Collect stamps based on challenges and win amazing prizes.
  • Menu

    We will be introducing free Wi-Fi locations, Gunma-related information (website), and more.

Excursion challenge

  • Begin your

    New challenges will be announced on the notifications page. Make sure to check the notifications and announcements section frequently !
  • Collect stamps

    Visit the locations that listed in your challenge and collect stamps !
  • Receive your prize

    Collect all of the available stamps listed in your challenge and submit an application for a chance to receive a prize !
Excursion challenges are held on an irregular basis. You never know when one might be held! Check the notifications and announcements section on this app to ensure that you never miss an excursion challenge ! Fulfill the challenge requirements and submit an application for a chance to receive an amazing prize by lottery.
Since the contents of excursion challenges differ from one challenge to the next, download the app and check the notifications and announcements section for more information.

Using this app

  • Location data tied to your device will be obtained for the excursion challenge.
  • A margin of error may arise when your location data is obtained.
  • Refrain from using your smartphone device while walking as doing so may result in danger to yourself or others.