Kakaa Denka

The Silk Story of Gunma

What is Japan Heritage?

What is Japan Heritage?

The Agency for Cultural Affairs recognizes as “Japan Heritage” the stories which tell about our cultures and traditions through the historical attractions and features of various regions in Japan.
The regions are taking initiatives to comprehensively organize these indispensable stories and utilize their attractive tangible and intangible cultural properties, by strategically disseminating the stories both inside and outside of Japan, thereby invigorating the regions.

How is it different from the World Heritage or designated cultural properties?

The World Heritage registration and cultural property designation both aim to add value to the registered/designated cultural property (cultural heritage) and to guarantee its protection.
On the other hand, Japan Heritage does not aim to add value to the existing cultural properties or implement new regulations for their preservation. It rather aims to revitalize a region by utilizing and promoting the heritage dotted around the region as an “area”.

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